Business Applications

Application Development

We understand that your needs maybe as unique as you are. That’s why we are always here for you: listening and responding to your special needs.

Leveraging best-of-breed technologies and years of experiences, Meligent combines the best talent with the best technologies to provide solutions to satisfy the most advanced and demanding client needs. No matter what business you are in, enabling your company with technology is critical for success.

Meligent delivers and implements solutions that maximize your competitive advantage. We ensure that the developed platform couples with your existing operational process and new strategies. Meligent guarantees that the system will be delivered rapidly and cost-effectively in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


Wireless Applications

Make use of the the latest mobile technology and empower your business with wireless application such as mobile information management, sales and marketing initiatives, inventory management and mobile entertainment applications.

Our mobile information management solution improves your workforce coordination and responsiveness like never before. You can provide workers with solutions such as:

· Allowing them to work productively no matter where they are
· Enable field data to be captured in real time
· Make field data available without delay to the rest of the organization
· Stock reports
· Order entry for sales people
· Route planning for delivery drivers
· Dispatching for couriers
· Job scheduling for field service and maintenance staff



Project Management

Meligent offers tailor-made project management solution that makes it easier than ever to manage schedules and resources, collaborate with co-workers, and track project status and information.

You can effectively plan, organize, control, and follow up on current and future status of internal and external projects. You can manage all project activities regarding costs, hours, people, tasks and revenues. You can also combine several projects into one single project for reporting purposes if you have managers or departments responsible for several separate projects at once. You can see information such as invoices, what groups they belong to, who’s the customer, who’s in charge, what stage it is in, the different dates associated with the project, how does it post on the general ledger, how it is taxed, and the address information if it is offsite.

With the customized project management information system, you can align your workforce to increase group effectiveness and deliver profitable results on time and on budget.

» Download our brochure to learn more about Meligent Project Management. [PDF: 399 KB]



Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is all about the control of the flow of materials, information and finances in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. It is about the co-ordination and integration among different units and companies.

You can exchange data with your suppliers and partners, and all updates to your data can be immediately reflected on your system. You can have a web-based product catalogue based on your inventory data with advanced options for images and text, pricing, dynamic updates and search capabilities. You can also offer e-procurement marketplaces where manufacturers can trade and even make auction bids with suppliers.

Meligent SCM solution aims to reduce excess inventory carrying costs, improve your company’s ability to respond rapidly and accurately to changes in demand, and allow all parties in the supply chain to better manage current resources and plan for future needs.

» Download our brochure to learn more about Meligent SCM. [PDF: 399 KB]



Customer Relationship Management

Good business delivers good services. It’s that simple. Meligent’s Customer Relationship Management solution helps establishing and maintaining customer satisfaction by providing the best possible customer experience.

Our CRM solution helps you to research and analyze customer behaviour and automate customer service and sales for the entire customer iteration cycle; hence, capturing detailed interaction histories of valued customers and use them to strengthen customer relationships and achieve good word-of-mouth publicity.

We understand that you probably want to keep the existing business process. We will work with you to ensure that the system will integrate seamlessly with your existing business process, and we will provide training services to help your company producing a stronger support team. With our Customer Relationship Management solution, we aim to help your company to establish and maintain a stronger customer relationship in order to achieve competitive advantage and maximize revenue streaming opportunity.